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Nowadays, there are many ways to grow your business online. A strong SEO, digital marketing and social media strategy can significantly enhance your business website, attract new customers and increase your conversions. However, these marketing strategies are now run-of-the-mill for most businesses. To stand out from the crowd, your marketing strategy should include all of these approaches alongside a solid PPC campaign.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a relatively new player in the digital marketing field. Unlike traditional advertising, whereby advertisers are charged to display an advert, PPC advertisers are only charged once a user clicks on their advert.

PPC adverts are used to drive traffic to websites through placement on social media platforms or following an organic search for related content. Popular PPC platforms include GoogleAds, Microsoft Advertising, and popular social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

How can PPC help your business?

1. PPC gives you full control.

With PPC marketing you can control the overall cost of your campaigns; you decide exactly how long your campaign should run for and whether it should be scaled up or down according to performance. If for some reason you need to pause your campaign – you can! You will only pay for each time a user clicks on your advert. PPC marketing provides your business with the ultimate budget and time flexibility.

2. PPC campaigns are easy to measure and track.

The performance of your PPC campaigns remains transparent at all stages of the process, saving your business time and money. Once a user clicks on your PPC advert, you can find out exactly how much you spent in order for them to get there. You can also measure the click-through rate (CTR) of your PPC campaigns against the number of impressions to know exactly when to try different advert variations or targeting, or when to up-scale your campaigns.

3. PPC allows for specific audience targeting.

PPC adverts can generate a great deal of targeted traffic. This is because PPC allows you to focus on reaching users that fall within your desired customer base. Your PPC adverts can be optimized through placement targeting which allows advertisers to target a specific sub-set within a website or social media platform. You can also target specific keywords that you think will reach your audience most effectively.

4. PPC provides a quick return on investment.

Whilst it takes a while to see results when pushing for organic reach, PPC adverts generate a quick return on investment. Adverts reach your intended audience as soon as they go live and the results are instant. This is not to say that PPC provides maximum profit return for minimum effort. PPC marketing can be set up quickly, but still requires sufficient preparation and planning to be effective.

5. PPC provides you with a wealth of customer data.

Data obtained from PPC advertising is highly versatile and can be used to inform various other marketing efforts. SEO and content strategies can benefit from PPC keyword performance metrics.

We have helped major companies with their PPC setup and management. Here at Elitbros, We can help you to develop an effective PPC strategy that is data-driven and completely transparent.

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